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Performance learning through Business games

Tight budgets, a race against time, strategic decisions, tactical choices, finding the right balance between taking risks and achieving your goals in a constantly changing environment…this is also the ultra-competitive world of offshore sailing races.

Looking for the perfect training ground to grow the attitude and skills needed to keep an edge or take the lead in today’s dynamic business context?

ALL4ONE consulting develops business games based on ocean racing, to grow a competitive project mindset and enhance team performance.

These “serious games” embed project management best practices into sailing race simulations.

Client needs and objectives are first translated into scenarios, then turned into video games, which can be combined with any race and boat type.

These games are used in training programmes or as recruitment & selection tools.

Watch the ALL4ONE TROPHY teaser.

Team integration programmes

ALL4ONE consulting designs and delivers 1-,2- or 3-day project management trainings and leadership development events, using its unique ocean racing experiential learning approach.

Project management workshops cover all the steps of a business opportunity realisation, from identification to execution, including value definition, concept development, risk management, quality management, execution strategy and team integration. These events focus on the importance of decisions quality and using all the available potential of a team.

Leadership development seminars combine serious games with the learning power of sailing to reinforce management teams competitiveness and performance. They are delivered in collaboration with respected sailing partners in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and the UK.

Project & Team Maturity evaluation

ALL4ONE consulting has got a unique way and tool to assess project and team maturity, based on ocean racing: the epitome of collective performance and individual excellence.

Through its ALL4ONE TROPHY business game, participants get immersed in a dynamic world, similar to today’s volatile business context, revealing the strengths and weaknesses of their project delivery. The identified gaps and learnings are then used to define performance improvement plans.

Management by Quality

Meeting or exceeding customer expectations is one of the cornerstones of growth, underpinned by the management of quality along the value chain.

Alain Lanckbeen is a certificated lead auditor ISO9001:2015.

ALL4ONE consulting uses ISO9001 as a reference framework, to develop management systems and processes, combining a focus on the quality of the outcome with a fit-for-purpose design mindset, to ensure optimal efficiency.

ALL4ONE also performs quality management audits, gap analyses, builds quality management systems and accompanies organisations pursuing ISO9001 certification.