Executive Retreats

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Executive Retreats & Team Building+

For executives and leaders looking for the ultimate team booster, ALL4ONE has crafted 1-, 2- or 3-day seminars designed to foster performance and success.

These exceptional events take place in sailing hotspots: La Trinité-sur-Mer, Lorient, the Solent (UK) and the North Sea.

More than a traditional team building, these workshops combine the “ALL4ONE TROPHY” simulation with teamwork practice on board sailboats.

The performance programme first focuses on competitiveness, using the simulation to design a boat and participate in a virtual race around the world, as a means to re-create management dilemmas in complex, dynamic and challenging situations.

Thereafter, the focus shifts on the development of the team during the sailing practice, by experiencing the importance of strategy alignment, coordination and cohesion of the crew, to deliver against objectives, in unusual and changing conditions.

These unique immersions into the ultra-competitive world of Formula 1 sailing and pristine environments, designed to boost creativity, team spirit and performance,  are set up to be a defining milestone in your competitiveness journey.

These events can be conducted in English, French or Dutch, irrespective of the chosen destination or programme.

No previous sailing experience is required.

ALL4ONE consulting proposes 6 different 2- or 3-day performance immersions:

The Solent (UK): 3 days

Lorient and La Trinité-sur-Mer  (France): 3 days

The North Sea (Belgium, Northern France, Netherlands): 2 days

The 1-day events take place at the same locations and comprise 1/2 day competitiveness experiential learning with the ALL4ONE TROPHY simulation and 1/2 day team building onboard sailboats.

Seminars in other destinations can be arranged upon request.

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